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Get to know Me

Ghesi Stojanov is a result-driven, experienced Faith Based

Transformational Coach with worldwide experience. She is a

certified Transformational Life Coach, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner,

and Plant-Based Holistic Nutritional counselor. 

Ghesi specializes in:

  • One-to-One support from cancer diagnosis, through treatment, and into recovery:

As an aggressive triple-positive breast cancer survivor herself, Ghesi understands how powerful providing a safe space to talk about your emotions with someone who truly understands is, as it can remove the feelings of isolation, relieve stress, and reduce fear, tension, and anxiety.

  • Spiritual Director & Youth Coaching

Before Ghesi started her career in coaching she studied youth ministries and has a passion for helping people, young and old, step into their God-given power and shine. A huge believer that we are all called to live with purpose, Ghesi helps her clients tune out the noise so they can tune into God's voice.

  • Inspirational Speaking

Ghesi is passionate about inspiring change and creating movements of power. She has spoken at Church Youth rallies, Charity Events, and Corporate Wellness events.

Ghesi coaches her clients with a caring, open, and intuitive style to open up untapped strength, spirit, and possibilities. This allows her clients to learn how to embrace challenges, reflect, listen to their inner voice, and get out of their heads, so they feel empowered, equipped, motivated, and confident with the transformational process that naturally occurs with a cancer diagnosis.

Helping you Design your Future

Through the power of Complementary Care ( the combination of eastern and western services), shifts in thinking, and lifestyle changes, anyone can discover transformational results.

By helping you design a wellness plan that focuses on your total wellness (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual), Ghesi can help you find success. Whether it's a reduction in side effects and complications associated with Chemotherapy treatment —enhanced recovery after treatments, or navigating life's struggles. Ghesi will help create an individualized plan that can help provide you with a long-term life plan that can help find balance and success.

Ghesi also works with and refers to a network of Integrative & Functional practitioners, acupuncturists, chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and other providers to help with your healing journey.

Wellness Wheel:

The 4 Parts of Wellness

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Our work is a Partnership

During your coaching sessions, we develop awareness by tuning inward and examine different areas of your life. Then, we develop actionable goals towards creating a life that will bring fulfillment and a sense of purpose. We do this through various guided activities and coaching, by focusing on the following:


We 1st utilize the wellness wheel developed to help my clients identify areas of strength as well as areas of weakness. Then we talk about what’s holds value to you so you start setting intentions that will feed the direction for the rest of your life.


Who you are and how to operate in a state of flow within that system to achieve transformation.


We Outline your big picture so we can create multiple scenarios for success.


We explore all aspects of growth the pros and the cons so we can equip and empower.

Create a plan

Togeather we make decisions and put plans in place to build resilience for the transformational journey ahead.

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