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Your Inner Coach

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Don't view stress as an inconvenience, instead view stress as your "Inner Coach". Stress unfortunately will be present in our life, till the day way die. However, how we manage stress will ultimately determine whether we live a happy healthy life...Or a life full of issues & worries.

Most of us are stressed because: 1. We are learning to deal with situations we've never experienced before 2. We have Poor time management 3. We Have to much on our plate 4. We are Not where we want to be in life 5. We are Giving to much of our power away

Like anything once we work out why we are stressed, we can work out how to navigate through the situation. Like a coach "stress" is telling you that: 1. Growth needs to happen 2. Priorities need to be made 3. We can't take so much on, we need to focus 4. We need to make changes in our direction & plan, to achieve our goals. 5. We have a voice, that is waiting to be heard

Stress "Your coach" is helping to fine tune these life skills! The quicker we train ourselves to listen, & learn the more effective and efficient we become. Next time you feel stressed, instead of feeding the beast, look at your Inner Coach and listen. I have found that most of us know what we need to do we just need to start doing it.

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