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Your life is an Occasion, Rise to it

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

We live in a fast passed, move to the next best thing, throw it away as soon as we use it society. Our children watch us continuously moving to the next moment, never fully satisfied, because we feel over worked, under appreciated, lost in time, and not connected. We live as if we could make up for those lost moments.

Why?... At what point, did we forget to enjoy the moments we were given.

Each and everyone of OUR LIVES, ARE MADE UP OF A SERIES OF MOMENTS, which most of us never enjoy. We choose to live in the future, forgetting to enjoy the present. The biggest regrets in life always contain modal auxiliary verbs like, should have, could have & would have, which express shades of time and mood. When we look back on our life, most of us use these Auxiliary Verbs to describe what we wish we had done more of.

To truly appreciate life for what it is, and what makes it so beautiful, we have to live in the now. When we live in the present we have no regrets, we have less stress, we see the world in brighter colors.

Live in this moment! Live for the now! The Present is the only moment that shapes how we view our past and future.

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